30-09-2016 – The lending industry in Quebec was put to the test in recent days, following the shocking revelations of companies profiting at the expense those in debt or in payment default. NLL, a company specializing in mortgages and real estate, welcomes publically-outlined industry rules, responsibilities and ethical practices.

“Too many companies that claim to specialize in debt management have deceived vulnerable people in difficult situations. Dubious and fraudulent practices must stop and I applaud the announcement regarding the regulation of the mortgage and real estate industry”, says Yann Béliveau, Co-President of NLL.  “To operate legally while simultaneously protecting clients, private companies in the loans industry must be members of FARCIQ (Fonds d’assurances responsabilités professionnelles) and the OACIQ (Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec)”, explains Mr. Béliveau.

NLL is a member of OACIQ, FARCIQ and CENTRIS.


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